Family Respite Services offers respite to families who want their children to be cared for out of home for brief periods of time.  Family Respite Services encourages and facilitates respite in the homes of individuals and families in the community, known as associate families.  However, some families and children require a respite setting that has trained staff members of Family Respite Services. FRS provides respite in two staffed locations.


The first program known as Weekend with Friends, is located at the Solcz Family Foundation Respite Home, 4400 Howard Ave. 

Children come and stay at the home for a weekend on a regular basis.  The children who use the program are between the ages of 8-18 and have developmental challenges. The emphasis in the program is to provide a fun, supportive environment for the children.  During their stay the children take part in the community events and activities in the home. Usually 4-6 children stay in the home at one time. Weekday activities take place in the home during the summer.  This program is licensed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

FRS also provides other children’s supports at this location after school.

Family Respite Services also provides out of home respite on weekends at a home on Spago Crescent for children with developmental and physical disabilities.

Both homes are licensed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, ensuring that there is a safe environment for the children.  Similar to the Weekend with Friends program, the goal at this home is to provide care for the children in a home-like environment that is fun and nurturing.

Family Coordinators from Family Respite Services work with families to help them determine the kind of respite that best fits their needs and develop plans with them.  Contact Family Respite Services if you are interested in finding out more about out of home respite and a Family Coordinator will meet with you to talk about your needs.