Family Respite Services supports during Covid-19 Emergency Response

The support for families through FRS is an essential service in our community. We continue to be there for you. Our Family Coordinators are working most of the time from their home with scheduled office days. The best way for families and Direct Support Providers to contact Family Coordinators is through their email, but they will also be receiving their voice mail and return your call. Our office is open for essential visits only. Our Family Coordinators are not doing home visits at this time.

Respite Supports:

Some families are scheduling their respite support and have their Direct Support Provider coming to their home or taking their child out for community outings. We ask that families and DSP go through the screening protocol suggested by Public Health prior to each visit. Reschedule if anyone has symptoms associated with Covid-19 or has had contact with someone with Covid-19. Especially with children returning to school and people having more contacts outside their home, we urge people to be cautious and vigilant. All Direct Support Providers need to wear a mask while providing support. We also urge families and Direct Support Providers to choose low risk activities such as walks in the park instead of attending activities with larger groups.

Timesheets and Invoices

We ask that Direct Support Providers and families send in timesheets or invoices through email. Send them to These can also be faxed. If it is critical that you drop off paperwork at our office there is a table inside our door for this purpose and we will get it to the right staff person.

Meeting in Person:

Our Family Coordinators will continue to primarily have contact with people by telephone or other virtual means. If there is a barrier to services that can’t be addressed by virtual support, we will arrange an in-person meeting at our office. Everyone coming into our office must wear a mask.


We are screening applicants for to assist families. Applicants should register on the site and someone will follow up with you to arrange a time to speak on the telephone. Any interviews will be done by computer link unless there is a substantial barrier to this process.

Weekend with Friends and the Spago Home

We are scheduling out of home respite for periods of time during the day at Weekend with Friends on Howard Ave. No children will be sleeping overnight until further notice. There is a strict protocol in place for respite at these locations.

If you have any questions call our office. We’re all in this together!