The Board of Directors for FRS has a diverse set of skills and background. 

President: Shawn Allen

Shawn has experience as a parent of a daughter with special needs.  He also brings community based experience from his work in law enforcement.

Vice President: Shawn Gaudette

Shawn has experience as a parent of a son with special needs.  He also brings experience as a teacher, working with children with differing abilities.  Shawn has also been actively involved in the I Can Bike program and the Pin Pals bowling program.

Treasurer: Tamara Tedeeva

Tamara has experience as an accountant in our community.

Reem Al-Maghazachi

Reem has experience in the field of Architectural Design.  

Justine Danford

Justine is a Children’s Services Worker and Youth Programming Coordinator at the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society.

Luann Kapasi

Luann is the parent of a son with disabilities.  Luann has expertise as a communications specialist.

Janet Mullen

Janet is a Registered Nurse for 25 years and a parent of two children with special needs.

Danielle Poirier

Danielle is a lawyer in a Windsor law firm.  Danielle is also French speaking.

Barbara Sghaier

Barbara is the parent of a son with autism and experience as a mentor with other families.

Pam Skillings

Pam has many years of experience in Special Education and as a principal.  She also was involved in the Student Support initiative in our community to provide education and information for parents, educators and the community about children’s mental health.  Pam is active on several community boards of directors.

Laurie Tiegs

Laurie is a certified Human Resources Leader and has experience as a dedicated respite provider.

Catharine Shanahan (Executive Director)

Catharine has been with Family Respite Services since 1990.  Catharine is a Registered Social Worker.