About Respite Providers

Respite Providers provide a short break for caregivers by spending individual time with their child.  Respite providers are seen as positive role models, community connectors, and an important personal support.  Respite providers often plan various interactive activities outside of the home such as going to the park, art gallery, library, or simply sharing time together.  In this role the focus is on providing the child with an opportunity to participate in the community with social events and activities while enhancing their social skills.  Our goal is to provide a short break (respite) for the family, while at the same time supporting the child to engage in activities that assist them to have a full life.  Respite providers report that they find their work as caregivers to be very fullfilling.


Direct Support/Respite providers are caring and committed individuals.  They are often students at the University or College, but also include seniors, people who want to give back to the community and people who work in professions that allow them to have flexible time to provide this service.  The experience that students gain as a respite provider assists them as they work towards career goals in fields such as social work, nursing, teaching child care and a variety of other practices.  Sometimes direct support/respite providers are people that are already known to the child and family through the family's social network or through the child's activities or persons that the family recruits.  Family Respite Service recruits respite providers with a wide range of qualifications, life experiences, ages and skills.  The match between direct support/respite providers and families is done through a tool that is overseen by FRS called respiteservices.com.  All direct support/respite providers must be screened through FRS to participate and be active on rs.com.  Those interested in providing respite care first complete an on line course about being a direct support/respite provider.  This gives an overview of respite, outlines the typical responsibilities of a direct support/respite provider and provides some resource information about the challenges and opportunities of being a direct support/respite provider.  A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete this course.  This helps us at FRS know that candidates know what being a direct support/respite care provider is all about and help them to determine if this is a good fit for them.  Once candidates complete this course, staff members from FRS will meet with the person to complete their application, discuss further their interests, qualifications and suitability.  References and a police clearance are necessary.  The family makes the final choice and engages the direct support/respite provider.  The family provides information about the care of their child. Direct support/Respite providers are paid by the family with approved funding through Family Respite Services.  Direct support/Respite providers are self employed.

Online Course and Information Session

Call us if you are interested in this opportunity.  We then invite you to participate in an information meeting to provide more details and meet with someone from FRS.  A more complete interview to learn more about your skills, interests, training and availability follows.  Persons interested in becoming Direct support/respite providers or in home workers will be required to successfully complete an online respite provider training course during the screening process.  This course is a great opportunity for you to see if providing in home support is for you and to add to your skills for many careers.  After this is completed, your profile is activated on our respiteservices.com site, enabling parents to select you as a respite provider for their child and family.

The Rewards of Being a Direct Support/Respite Provider

FRS has heard from many Direct Support/respite providers that they feel great rewards from their role with the child.  Most feel that they receive as much as they give.  Many respite providers are people who are on their way to a variety of careers, including teaching, social work, nursing, child care, police work etc.  This experience is invaluable to them.

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