Families who receive funding through the Special Services at Home (SSAH) program or Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) program often wish to hire an in home worker for their child.  The worker contracts with the family to provide regular hours of service.  During this time the worker spends time with the child to develop skills, build relationships, participate in the community and work on specific goals. 

If Family Respite Services is administering the funds for the family we assist the family to recruit a worker.  Once the family selects the worker, they become an employee of FRS.  A Family Coordinator from FRS provides support and resources to the family and the worker.

  • In home workers typically work for 3-10 hours each week, depending on the amount of funding granted to the child.
  • Contracts are arranged with workers for up to a one year period.
  • Families who need this service may live anywhere in Essex County.
  • Workers must be screened through FRS, including a police clearance, references and completion of the Respite Care on line training course.
  • Families who administer their SSAH funds themselves may recruit an in home worker using the resources of respiteservices.com.  In these situations, the in home worker is not an employee of FRS.

How do you become an in home worker?

If you are interested in becoming an in home worker contact:

519-972-9688 ext.156 or email info@familyrespite.org