Brighter Holiday DonationFamily Respite Services works with 1200 families caring for children with disabilities.

Families rely on respite programs so that children with Autism, Down Syndrome, other Developmental Disabilities, Children with Medical Health Challenges, Children with Physical Disabilities and Children with Mental Health Disorders can engage in meaningful activities.

We are hoping that you can help during this upcoming holiday season with a donation box at your business?

Family Respite will provide a donation box, signage and paper ornaments.

Would you be willing to put up a tree or tape the paper ornaments on a wall? If not, customers who make a donation in the donation box can take the paper ornament home with them.

Family Respite will collect donations on a weekly basis throughout November and December.

Every dollar makes an impact, especially at this challenging time.

Donations will go directly to families who are caring for children with significant challenges in our community, can you respond to this urgent respite need?

Thanks on behalf of the children in our community.

Please connect with Alexandria Fischer 519-818-6973