Family Respite Services is affiliated with   This is an online tool that is available throughout Ontario in many communities.  Families who have sons and daughters who have funding for respite services may use this tool.  This funding might be through Special Services at Home (SSAH), Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD), Autism respite funding, Enhanced respite funding, resources through Family Respite Services or other similar kinds of funding.    In Windsor and Essex County, the tool is specifically for families who have children under the age of 18. 

Family Benefits:

This resource enables families and respite providers to use an online tool to be matched with one another.  When a family registers on through Family Respite Services they provide a profile of their child and family needs without using their name.  They can specify the kinds of skills needed, the time they require support, the age of their child and the approximate location they live in. Families can also view the profiles of people who are screened to become respite providers and ask for more identifying information so that they can meet the person and decide whether the person is a suitable caregiver for their child.  A Family Coordinator at FRS contacts the family to ensure that we have all the information to enable a successful match.  The family makes the decision about the selection of the person that will care for their son or daughter.

Benefits for Respite Providers:

We want to talk to you if you are interested in providing direct services for a child.  Families usually require that the person who provides services has experience and skills that prepare them to support their son or daughter.  We provide regular information sessions to start the process.  This gives you the opportunity to meet directly with someone from FRS.  From there, applicants complete an online course through Safeguards Training, provide a current police clearance/vulnerable persons screening and participate in an interview that helps us to learn more about your skills, interests, availability and experience. Following this screening, the person may become active on  They can post a profile that outlines their qualifications, experience, availability and special skills.  The respite providers are identified by a profile number rather than by name.  Families can request further information and schedule a time to meet.  The respite provider can also view family profiles and ask to be linked with the family. Respite providers are self employed. is a convenient way for families and respite providers to find a match that works for both parties.  Family Respite Services plays an active role in assisting families and respite providers to use this tool.

For more information about in Windsor/Essex contact or Shannon Luelo, 519 972 9688 ext 136.


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