Are you hosting a Superbowl Party with a Purpose?

Kickoff for Kids is fun for all of your guests to get involved, even if they are only there for the half time show or your charcuterie board!

There are so many ways to engage your guests, so that you are having a Superbowl Party with a Purpose.
     • Do you want to put out a Family Respite donation bowl beside the chip bowl?
     • Have you thought about $10 a square, $5 to the winners pot and $5 to pass to Family Respite Services?
     • What about a 50/50 Draw for families caring for children with disabilities?

Are you IN for a Family Respite Services Touchdown?

All donations will go towards the I'M IN Capital Campaign, so that children with disabilities are INcluded and families have access to an INvaluable respite program at the Solcz Family Foundation Respite Home to be built at 4400 Howard Ave. learn more about being all IN here:

  • Payment Submission Calendar April 2019 to March 2020

    Payment Submission Calendar April 2019 to March 2020

    Please download the latest payment submission calendar.  Important dates are noted including holidays.
  • 2017-2018 Annual Report

    2017-2018 Annual Report

    This past year our Board and staff have continued to work on our strategic plan.  Work together with families to foster strength and leadership. Collaborate and work with community partners to foster a caring and inclusive community. Co-develop with families, staff and community partners a range of effective and responsive short break services.  Build and support the workforce of the future.
  • Weekend with Friends

    Information about Weekend with Friends and Spago Respite Homes

    Family Respite Services offers respite to families who want their children to be cared for out of home for brief periods of time. Family Respite Services encourages and facilitates respite in the homes of individuals and families in the community, known as associate families. However, some families and children require a respite setting that has trained staff members of Family Respite Services....
Help plan for the transition to life as an adult

Website to help plan for the transition to life as an adult

Visit Planning the Future for Your Child with a Disability: The purpose of this website is to give parents and others who support young people with disabilities some tips, resources and practical information to help plan for the transition to life as an adult. Planning early helps to create options that will reflect the needs of your family and child....
Something New

Learn about our screening process

GET INVOLVED! How do you want to leave your mark in the world… At FRS we work in partnership with 1000 families in Windsor and Essex County. Families receive funding for a number of different programs which may help with providing a short break from caregiving. Some families are interested in having support for their son or daughter to develop skills, participate in the community and build...



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