Associate Family

Associate families are individuals and families in the community who welcome a child with special needs into their home for a brief period of time. Usually the child comes to spend a weekend each month. During this time the child spends time with the family and develops a relationship with the new "extended family". This provides support to the child's family, provides a nurturing relationship for the child and provides new experiences for the child.

Associate families are caring individuals who are committed to developing a relationship with a child with special needs. They provide all the care needed by the child during their stay. Associate families receive funds that will cover the cost of the care of the child. All associate families go through a thorough screening process and must be approved by Family Respite Services. Family Respite Services is committed to providing safe and caring homes for the children.

Family Respite Services provides an orientation about the roles and responsibilities involved in being an associate family. The child's family provides the ongoing training involved in caring for their child. FRS provides ongoing support for both the associate family and the family of the child. FRS looks for associate families that have experience with children with special needs or who are open to learning these skills. FRS asks for a one year minimum commitment because the match between the child and the caregiver is extremely important and we value that relationship and want it to flourish.

If you are interested in becoming an associate family:

  • Call FRS and speak to Clementine Matassa or Alexandria Fischer.
  • Call the office (519)-972-9688 to find out more about this important role and the opportunities available.

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